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      1. Welcome To NASCO
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        Nascrew Manning Service Co., Ltd. (Nascrew)

        Established in July 2000, Nascrew Manning Service Co., Ltd. is one of the fully owned subsidiaries under NASCO.

        Nascrew Manning Service Co., Ltd. is a professional agency whose scope of business ranges over the manning and crew training services in China. The company takes pride in its highly-qualified pool of seamen, giving constant priority to the improvement to crew competency and welfare. According to the standards of ISO9001, Nasvrew Manning Service Co., Ltd. set up the Quality Management System on basis of the principle of “continue to offer customers the best available services”.

        Known for its excellent services and reasonable charges, Nascrew Manning Service Co., Ltd. does and will do its best to afford cooperative relations with her valuable clients in mutual benefit and to develop sound clientele and service ability in the shipping service industry as the honest partner with Owners served. 

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