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      1. Welcome To NASCO
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        NASCO Ship Management Co., Ltd.

        Established in 2000, NASCO Ship Management Co., Ltd. NASCO fully owned subsidiary, with experienced managerial staffs, specializes in professional ship management as well as ship technical consultation. It is certified to have effective SMS and QMS scheme, with which she operates normalized management of ship with consistent application of safety and quality management systems to ensure higher level of management and lower operating cost so as to sustain vessel’s navigability and mitigate the time of stoppage and abnormal repairing for better turnover of ship operation with less cost. NASCO Ship Management Co., Ltd. gained good popularity and high creditability amongst the ocean shipping circle.

        Aided by the highly motivated and committed professional staff, the company shall provide the best service for all clients who will lay trust on us. 

        A ?Solemn Declaration on the False Report in respect of M/V HEILAN STAR was Allegedly Carrying Cargoes to Iran and Stopped by a British Warship
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